The Weekend Binge: 3 films on Netflix that are seriously messed up

So, we thought we’d do things a little differently this weekend. Not only are the films on today’s list pretty good, but they’re also brought to life by characters who have a knack for making odd decisions.

Actually, ‘odd’ is putting it lightly. None of these films is horror by any stretch of the imagination, but the choices of the characters in each film will shock, disturb, and in some cases, maybe even horrify you. And yes, two of them have ‘son’ in the title. 

Without further ado, here are three films on Netflix that are super good, but super messed up.

Your Son

A surgeon, Jaime Jimenez’s (Jose Coronado), son is brutally beaten outside a nightclub, after which he takes the law into his own hands to bring the perpetrators to justice.

‘Your Son’ is a film that expertly uses the emotional stakes presented at face value to completely enrapture an audience in its narrative.

Following Jaime on his quest for justice will frustrate you, excite you, and disturb you.

The film is a slow burn with twists and turns that get darker, and darker, the deeper you venture with Jaime into the rabbit hole. What you find on the other side will make your jaw drop. 


Childhood friends, Vaughn (Jack Lowden) and Marcus (Martin McCann) travel to a remote area of the Scottish Highlands for a hunting trip.

Their adventure is transformed into a harrowing event after an unforeseen incident, bringing both men to question each other and their morals.

Calibre is a nail-biting, nerve-wracking thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, as the story slowly and hauntingly pulls ever closer to its jaw-dropping finale. 

We highly recommend this film. 

The Son

Last on today’s list is “The Son”. This story follows a painter, Lorenzo Roy (Jaoquin Furriel) who is very in love with his biologist wife, Sigrid played by Heidi Toini Oieren. But when she becomes pregnant with their child, Lorenzo begins to suspect that his once loving wife has become distant, and even worse, determined to isolate him from their unborn son. 

While a bit decisive, this psychological thriller makes for a good time.

Audiences have argued that certain aspects of the film fall apart due to ‘inconsistencies’, mostly due to the biases against the father/husband. But we would argue that the family court system in places like America says otherwise. 

So, those are your three choices for this weekend. A word of advice? Binge all three! These films are filled with enough twists and turns, and questionable decisions to satisfy any movie lover. 

Happy streaming!