The Weekend Binge: 3 films on Netflix that should be on your list

Today’s lineup of films is a mix of horror and thriller, complete with some solid (if at times iffy) cinematic violence. We’ve dug into the Netflix library to find you two movies that are a good, respectable watch. The third film, however, delivers the craziest experience among the batch.

Here are 3 films on Netflix that should definitely be on your list.

 Rust Creek

A young woman named “Sawyer” unwittingly drives towards a dense forest while on her way to a job interview. When she encounters two criminal brothers looking for trouble, this career-seeking college student is thrown into a desperate fight for survival. Rust Creek is by no means a perfect film. It does however have tons of entertainment value, and gifts audiences with a few truly tense moments. The characters aren’t hollow and you do find yourself caring when they end up leaving this world in a grizzly manner.

Pet Semetary

“Pet Semetary” follows the Creed family who will soon learn of the terrible powers that lie in the ancient cemetery behind their new, Maine property. When they bury the family cat on the sinister grounds, unspeakable darkness begins to haunt their home.

Firstly, yes, it’s spelt “Semetary”. Secondly, this movie is a remake of one of Stephen King’s one hundred million books that were turned into a feature film. Maybe it’s because we’re not familiar with the original film, but Pet Semetary didn’t disappoint at all. Does it have its problems? Sure. Most movies, especially horrors, tend to be filled with them. This film is good at making you wonder “what if”. What if people you lose in life could come back? What if that wouldn’t be as good an idea as you would like to believe? It’s some good ole hardcore horror in that respect. Yes, the execution is iffy at some parts, but the premise can be frightening which should be the point of a horror movie.

Red Dot

Last but not least is “Red Dot”, a Swedish film that follows a young couple who are expecting their first child. In an attempt to save their marriage, the couple retreat on a skiing trip where they end up being hunted by a vicious enemy from their past. “Red Dot” is a relentless, merciless, and haunting tale of revenge.

Some scenes present issues. However, one of the most criticized scenes involves someone getting hit by a car in a pretty dumb way, and yeah, it looked ridiculous and almost ruined the movie. We rationalized this blunder by saying people have done dumber stuff in real life.

Flaws aside, “Red Dot” is an engaging piece of cinema, the setting is at times breathtaking, and we believe it’s a thriller you don’t want to miss.