The Weekend Binge: 3 films that were railroaded by critics but are actually decent

When it comes to films getting a bad wrap there are times where we can’t find any reasonable explanation. For whatever reason, the universe conspires to have these folks’ hard work utterly railroaded by audiences and critics alike. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some of those movies a chance. And, as fate would have it, we went right ahead and dug up a few of those movies just for you. 

So, without further ado, here are 3 films on Netflix that were obliterated by bad reviews… but actually aren’t that bad. 

In the Tall Grass

Photo credit: The Guardian

This story comes to us courtesy of the twisted and incredible imagination of Stephen King. The film however was torn apart by critics. Honestly, the synopsis we found online isn’t helping its case either, so we decided to create one from scratch. 

“In the Tall Grass” follows a brother and his pregnant sister who are on the run. They soon come upon a mysterious field of grass that gets even weirder when you consider the fact that there’s a small boy crying for help from within the field. Desperate to do the right thing, the siblings enter the field of grass only to learn that this “place” they have come to is entrance only. 

“In the Tall Grass” is an interesting horror with elements of a psychological thriller, and while far from perfect, it’s a rather fun experience. Chances are you won’t be bored watching this one. 

The Binding

 Photo credit: Decider

The Binding follows a woman who visits southern Italy with her daughter to become acquainted with her fiance’s family. What started as a great chance for two families to bond, ends up becoming a true nightmare with a mother fighting tooth and nail to protect her daughter’s soul from a malevolent spirit. 

While you shouldn’t expect this film to have the impact of “The Exorcist” back in the 70s, we have a hard time believing that that many people had a horrible time watching this flick. 

Some bits are a bit predictable, sure, but the scares are good fun for fans of horror, and the story is good enough for you to make it through the whole thing without collapsing into a coma from sheer boredom. “The Binding” is without a doubt a good time. 


Photo credit: The New York Times

Polar follows “the world’s top assassin” who is about to retire, but not before his former employer marks him for death, subsequently forcing him into fighting younger and faster assassins who are hell-bent on seeing him meet a grizzly fate. 

If you’re into heavy action, graphic novel style filmmaking, this is the movie for you. Polar gets straight to the point. You get to watch a bunch of killers do cool stuff with pistols, and sniper rifles, and torture people to their heart’s content. They also go out of their way to include a neat little twist that offers viewers something a little more than a superficial and brainless shoot ’em up movie. 

The public execution this film received was a total shocker. 

So, that’s it for today’s list. Feel free to stream these movies in any order you like. You won’t be getting bored anytime soon!