The Weekend Binge: 3 films that will weird you out for 3 different reasons

The films on today’s list are somewhat random. That is except for the fact that they are all well-made and explore the ugly sides of human nature. If you’re the kind of person who likes pondering on the content you consume, these three movies (all of which are available on Netflix) will definitely keep you up at night… in a good way. We hope.

Anyway, here are three films that will weird you out for three different reasons.

Sara’s Notebook

A Spanish lawyer (Spanish as in Spain) dives into the tumultuous Congo, an African nation ruined by the effects of colonialism, to find her missing sister whom she believes is still alive.

“Sara’s Notebook” is a decent film. It made this list due to a particular scene that includes a group of rebels that attack a defenceless village. The level of violence that unfolds, complemented by the directing style, and the visceral sense of danger will have you on the edge of your seat. It will also make you think about the endless evil that human beings are capable of in this world. Maybe watch your favourite comedy right after. You know, as a palate cleanser.

The Perfection


“The Perfection” is a trip, to put it lightly. To put things painfully simple for the sake of avoiding spoilers, the film follows a music prodigy who encounters a new star pupil and is seemingly jealous. After a brief meeting, the two musicians embark on a long, twisted path. Their destination? Vengeance.

“The Perfection” is a film with its own unique set of problems. But if there’s one thing it will do is have you thinking. The film’s initial plot twists are very cleverly delivered, and if not for the ridiculousness of the final scene, this movie would be a few levels above what it is now. In any case, try to avoid spoilers when approaching this one. It’ll definitely surprise you.

When Angels Sleep

When a businessman falls asleep at the wheel, he hits a woman with his car, catapulting himself and her friend into a world of violence.

Arguably, the best film on this list, “When Angels Sleep” does a solid job at exploring the reality that all people are capable of committing unthinkable acts. This is especially true when it comes to protecting the ones we love.

There are countless scenes in this movie that will keep you on edge throughout, and the choices of the main character are likely to give you a dose of reality.