The Weekend Binge: 3 horror films on Netflix that are absolute gems

Let’s be honest, the horror genre isn’t exactly the poster child of excellent filmmaking. 

Especially with the latest horror trends that have been flooding the industry, you’d be lucky if you found a horror flick that’s good enough to pass the time. 

Luckily for you, we’ve dove into the Netflix library and uncovered some of the best, most well-crafted, gems that belong to the horror genre.

The best part is they’re all just one stream away. 

The Invitation

Will (Logan Marshall-Green) and ex-wife, Eden (Tammy Blanchard) haven’t spoken in years after an unspeakable tragedy tears them apart.

One day she suddenly invites him over to their former house for a dinner party with her new husband and mutual friends.

Once there, Will realizes something is a bit off about his ex-wife and her new husband.

What’s more, it may have a bit to do with her eerie trip to Mexico where she became acquainted with zealous and powerful new friends. But what sinister plans does she have for her guests? 

The Invitation is a slow burn of a thriller/horror, that explores grief and displays perfectly how far humans will go to rid themselves of hurt and guilt. Try your best to avoid spoilers on this one; the ending is a true horror/thriller treat! 


If you’ve given fantasy/horror a shot in the past and were sorely disappointed, Apostle is the perfect palate cleanser. Trust, it will do that and then some.

The story follows Thomas Richardson (played by Dan Stevens) who returns home to London to discover that his beloved sister has been kidnapped by a religious cult.

Richardson is determined to rescue his sister, and visits the island home of this cult, only to discover there is something far more sinister, (and supernatural?) at the core of this ordeal.

Apostle is the pinnacle of storytelling as far as fantasy/horror goes. It is masterfully written, and executed, and never shies away from the brutal reality in which its characters exist.

The Witch

Similar to The Invitation, the Witch is something of a slow burn but holds its own as one of the finest horror films of this generation. The story is set in New England in the 17th century and follows a Puritan family that has been banished to the edge of a huge remote forest. 

Soon, the family begins to experience strange, and sinister occurrences that will make them confront their own beliefs. If one can get over the slow burn, The Witch is simply one of the most gratifying horror experiences for movie lovers.

The music, imagery, and symbolism are impeccably woven into patient, spooky storytelling throughout, creating a chilling (but enchanting) cinematic experience for true horror fans out there.

So, those are your picks for this weekend. Grab your favourite snacks, kick back, and stream away. Although, this time you may want to keep the lights on!