The Weekend Binge: 3 not-so popular movies that are actually brilliant

So the weekend is here, and you’re looking for something decent to pop up in Netflix Jamaica. Not every stroll through the library has to be in search of something “good enough” to pass the time. What if we said we’ve rounded up some of the best movies you could possibly hope to find on Netflix Jamaica? Well, we did just that.

Here are three not-so-popular films on Netflix that are actually brilliant.

The Soul

Shortly after being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, an investigator and his wife discover occult secrets while investigating the death of a renowned businessman.

The Soul is essentially a sci/fi crime thriller. It’s actually much bigger on the sci/fi side of things the deeper you get into the film. The movie does a great job of reeling you in with its mystery and plot twists, and the very last twist will definitely make your jaw drop.

This is for sure one of the best films sitting in the Netflix Jamaica library right now.

The Invisible Guest

After waking up in a hotel room to discover the body of his dead lover, a young businessman must seek the help of a prestigious lawyer. They have one night to solve the mystery of this heinous crime and prove his innocence once and for all.

The Invisible Guest, through and through is brilliant work. It stars Mario Casas, an actor from Spain who practically stars in all the Spanish (Spain) movies that have been available on Netflix Jamaica for the past few years. But he is quite good in most of them so that’s a good thing.

The movie benefits exceedingly well from the creative and intense plot progression delivered by unreliable narratives. The twists are mostly believable. The very last plot twist is for sure the biggest of them all, but still believable within the world painted by the director and screenwriter. You’re going to wonder how you didn’t see this one coming — it’s pretty good!

Shimmer Lake

This dark American crime/thriller unfolds in reverse time as we follow a small-town sheriff hunting three bank robbers, one of whom is his older brother.

Shimmer Lake may or may not be as technically sound as the other two movies on this list, but one thing is for sure, this movie is a really good time. Shimmer Lake adds a dash of comedy as we follow the stories of a group of equally interesting and dysfunctional townsfolk.

A divisive film, Shimmer Lake is a controversial one. Some folks aren’t overly fond of the story being told in reverse. We believe the team did an excellent job and truly earned the huge plot twist at the end. Chances are you won’t see it coming, and that, in our opinion, is a good thing.