The Weekend Binge: 3 random films on Netflix that are top of the line cinema

So BUZZ Fam, we went ahead and pulled three random, well-crafted films out of the Netflix library just for you. Each film on this list is not only entertaining, but they are proof that as deplorable as the industry can be these days with regurgitated, watered-down shows, there may yet be a silver lining.

The films below made this list for being excellently made. So, let’s get into it!

Uncut Gems

Typically we try to share films that are a bit on the rare side. But considering many people are still unaware of how skilled an actor Adam Sandler can be, not to mention, how incredibly well-made “Uncut Gems” actually is, we figured, why not throw this one on the list.

Uncut Gems follows a charismatic jeweller (Howard Ratner played by Sandler) who is in the business of making high stake bets while backing himself into a corner and subsequently ruining his life. Watch Ratner struggle to balance business, family, and adversaries, as he risks everything he holds dear in the pursuit of the windfall of a lifetime.

If you suffer from major anxiety issues, it’s probably best to steer clear of this one. The film is always turned up to 100. Nothing ever goes right for our protagonist. Everyone is always shouting. And every twist and turn leads to an even more dramatic dilemma accompanied by even more shouting and screaming. Imagine you’re at the movies, but the movies is a theme park. You’re strapped in a roller coaster, trying to get through each scene while being flipped upside down. You’re spilling your nachos and soda all over yourself while screaming at the protagonist to please get his act together. Yeah, it’s something like that.

It can be a stressful experience. But hey, that’s what the director was going for, and oh boy, did he get it right!

Bad Day for the Cut

You’ve seen a million films that feature a man who embarks on a bloody quest to avenge his loved ones, but how many of those characters were modest farmers? Exactly. Bad Day for the Cut follows Donal (Nigel O’Neil) as he ventures deeper into his quest for vengeance, where he uncovers the criminal underworld of Belfast, Ireland, and his mother’s darkest secrets with it.

This film is brutal, and unforgiving, and so casual and relatable at the same time, making its charm undeniable.

It will make you laugh, shout, and cheer. Even if the twist doesn’t come as too much of a shocker, this is one film that is excellent in its own right, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Jo Phil-ho: The Dawning Rage

How many times have we talked about Korea overdelivering in cinema? Well, films like Jo Phil-Ho make it hard for us to stop giving them credit. This film has been railroaded by unfounded bad reviews, but we’re going to stand by this one.

Jo Phil-ho follows the titular Jo Phil-ho (played by Lee Sun Gyun), a corrupt cop trying to escape the wandering eye of Internal Affairs. Jo Phl-ho reluctantly teams up with a troubled teen, who may just help him uncover an even deeper corruption than even he might be willing to believe. 

Jo Phil-ho encapsulates humour, mystery, made all the better with a touch of sentimentality. One simply wouldn’t expect these elements perfectly captured within a single feature film. The movie can be something of a slow burn and does have a long runtime, but overall, we lean in favour of the director’s decisions. The characters feel ‘real’, and relatable, even when they don’t make the best decisions. Or rather, especially because they don’t make the best decisions!

So, there you have it, folks. The weekend is bound to be a busy one with these excellent films that are bound to take you on an emotional ride.

Happy streaming!