The Weekend Binge: 3 random films on Netflix that you need to stream now

Sometimes we don’t need a movie to be a perfect, shining example of world-class cinema. Sometimes you just need a thriller, horror, or whatever it may be to tick all the right boxes relevant to its genre.

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to ask a filmmaker to do more than that with his film. Below you will find a list of movies available on Netflix that do their genre a great service. Perhaps only the last film falls into the category of a “few levels above average”, but each of these flicks is a good watch guaranteed!

Blood Red Sky

When an overnight transatlantic flight is hijacked by terrorists, a mysterious woman, desperate to protect her son, unleashes a terrible secret to stop those who would harm them.

Blood Red Sky is an action/thriller and it is by no means perfect. However, the gore, action, and some intense scenes woven throughout the film do make for a good time. We believe if the team behind this movie chose to make the mother’s “secret” more of a secret, specifically in the promotion of the movie, it would have added a bit more mystery to the film, making it an even stronger feature.

In any case, Blood Red Sky is definitely worthy of being on this list.

The Last House on the Left

Here you have a film that has been a mixed bag for some folks and not because the film is poorly acted or directed but because the graphic story unfolds on screen in such a realistic way.

In case you’ve managed to have never seen this movie before, The Last House on the Left follows a family who is kind to a group of strangers who show up at their home on a stormy night seeking refuge. After the family learns that the people who have benefited from their hospitality are lowlifes who assaulted their young daughter earlier that day… let’s just say things go all the way left.

The Last House on the Left is a true thriller in most respects. The only true downside to this film is that the ending does get a bit out there. Other than that it is the perfect thriller experience.

Major warning for anyone suffering from PTSD or people who are super disturbed by films that portray sexual abuse graphically. Things get dark in The Last House on the Left.

Small Crimes

Not sure how we managed to miss this crime/thriller starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau after all these years. But we sure are glad we found it now. Small Crimes follows a disgraced former cop who comes home after serving a 6-year prison sentence for attempted murder. While seemingly determined to set his life right, unfinished business with a bad crowd spirals into a world of unthinkable violence.

Small Crimes is one of those films suffering from bad reviews online, most of which is simply unfounded. This movie displays sound filmmaking, exploring themes that are relevant and hard-hitting particularly on the home front. Do yourself a favour and get to streaming this one.

And that’s it for today’s list. There are some interesting stories and non-stop action for you to indulge in today’s lineup.

Happy streaming!