The Weekend Binge: These 3 films on Netflix are a must-watch

It’s time for the weekend, which means, it’s time to not scroll idly through title after title on Netflix, scraping for a random popcorn flick that’s going to be equivalent to counting sheep .

Why punish yourself when you’ve got us to put together a sweet, neat list of dramas, thrillers, (and horror films) that are top quality and worth your time. 

That’s exactly what you should expect from the three heavy hitters we’ve got lined up below.

Sure, none of these films wrecked the box office, but all of them have a little something special to capture your mind, and maybe your heart. 

Here are three films available on Netflix that are a must-watch! 


Eli is one of those films that are filled with so many pleasant surprises that you’re afraid to tell your friends anything about it for fear of ruining the whole thing for them.

The story follows Eli (Charlie Shotwell) who finds himself trapped in a haunted hospital (of sorts) while being treated for what he is told is a rare disease.

I would advise you not to watch any trailers; not to read any comments. Even the slightest spoiler can ruin the experience.

Eli is one of those films where being spoiled is a deal-breaker. 

I See You 

If you’re into thrillers that take you for a ride just to subvert your expectations at every twist and turn, I See You has got you covered.

The film takes audiences on a journey with a small-town family that can’t seem to catch a break, as strange and seemingly supernatural occurrences plague their home.

All of this, while the head of their family ( Detective Greg Harper played by Jon Tenney) struggles to recover a missing boy.

Similar to Eli, you’ll want to avoid spoilers for this one.

I See You is a film that is well-made and thoroughly engaging, masterfully subverting your expectations. 

Shot Caller

Here’s the deal, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau is a solid actor.

If you’re reading that name and wondering who on God’s green earth is that then I’ll take you back to the once-glorious Game of Thrones TV show that ended in a trainwreck.

Coster-Waldau played Jaime Lannister brilliantly for the first few seasons before everything went to hell.

Luckily, Shot Caller doesn’t end in a trainwreck. In fact, it’s a pretty good film.

The story follows a California stockbroker (Jacob Harlon played by Nicolaj Coster-Waldau who ends up in prison after a tragic DUI accident.

Under his lawyer’s advice, he takes a plea deal that sees him serving 16 months in prison. Things get even more complicated, however, as Harlon gets caught up with a brutal white supremacist gang.

The ending of this emotional crime drama will leave you impressed, stunned, and heartbroken. It’s truly brilliant work by Coster-Waldau, and the entire team.  

So, that’s it for this weekend.

All that’s left is for you to grab your favourite snacks, and stream away.

Feel free to get lost in these films in any particular order. They’re not likely to disappoint!