The Witcher Season 3 greenlit months ahead of Season 2 premiere

If you were already having fears of The Witcher being cancelled after the upcoming Season 2 slated for December 17, you can lay those fears to rest.

On Saturday at the online-only Netflix TUDUM event, The Witcher head writer and showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich announced that the fantasy series is already set for a third season on Netflix.

The main cast remains unchanged, with Henry Cavil [Geralt] leading the charge supported by Freya Allan [Princess Cirilla], and Anya Chalotra [Yennefer]. Hissrich will return as head writer and showrunner for season 3.

The Witcher showrunner also announced two additional Witcher projects that will be coming to the streaming giant which include a second Witcher anime movie, and a Witcher series for kids and family. It should be interesting to see how The Witcher world will be adjusted to fall in line for a G rated series.

The recent announcements were accompanied by teasers in the form of short clips uploaded to Netflix’s YouTube channel. Needless to say, fans were ecstatic.

“Finally, I can stop rewatching season one and start rewatching this instead,” said one user.

“December 17 can’t come any sooner. Toss a coin to your Witcher!” said another.

Other fans, while excited, felt as though the series has not worked on some of the issues presented in the first season. Some users point out that the dialogue is still a bit “weak” based on what is seen in one of the teaser clips. Some were also critical of the makeup used to bring the character Nevillen to life, a man/ bear/hog hybrid creature who is close friends with Geralt.

Excitement and uncertainty aside, fans won’t know for sure if season 2 delivers until December 17.

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