‘There is no corona here’: Ding Dong tests negative for COVID-19

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong has stepped forward to tell the world that he tested negative for the novel coronavirus.

Jamaican entertainer Ding Dong

“I did a COVID-19 test and since then I have been in isolation, in self-quarantine, awaiting my results. I was contacted by the St Andrew Health Department where they notified me that the results came out negative, so there is no corona here,” Ding Dong said in an Instagram post on Friday.

The entertainer did a COVID-19 test recently after it was revealed that his pal, Usain Bolt, tested positive for the virus. Ding Dong was one of several acts who performed at the Bolt’s surprise birthday party in August. Bolt tested positive for coronavirus days after his big bash.

Now, Ding Dong is urging Jamaicans to be safe and take the virus seriously.

“I am urging all my people to practise all the necessary protocols that are needed to be done so we can help control the spread of this virus. Stay inside because you know it safer pon di inside, but if you have to go outside, mi a beg yuh please wear a mask, sanitise your hand as much as you can and stay safe, stay blessed,” he said.