These Matrix 4 fan theories just might turn out to be real

The internet has been imploding since the release of the Matrix 4: Resurrections trailer on September 9. The trailer does a great job of not ruining the plot of the new installment in the legendary franchise, while adequately teasing die-hard fans and fueling the hype train.

We did some research across the internet to dig up some of the most exciting theories about the new Matrix movie, and, as luck would have it, we’re going to share four of those theories with you today.

Here are four fan theories about the Matrix 4 that just might turn out to be true.

Neo was resurrected by the machines

This theory has been circulating the internet since the Matrix 4 was still a rumour. Now that the trailer is here, we can see for ourselves that there is an actual scene that shows Neo’s human body being worked on by machines in Machine City. Add that to the fact that Neo remains the star of the show, at this point, this theory is all but fact.

We are now in the 7th version of the Matrix

If you watched the Matrix: Reloaded, you will recall that the Architect told Neo that the Matrix was recreated 5 times before, making Neo the sixth anomaly to manifest in the simulation. In the Matrix 4 trailer, we can see that the old Matrix movies are a part of the pop culture scene of the new film. It’s as if Neo’s entire past life has been reduced to a legendary piece of fiction enjoyed by the humans in the current version of the simulation (similar to the real-real world). Now, aside from the fact that this is super heavy-handed, and a bit on the nose, it also points to the possibility that the Matrix has indeed been rebooted once more. In other words, Neo is no longer in the sixth version of the Matrix.

Double Agent Morpheus?

Over the past few months, “Plot leaks” have been dissected by some of the fandom’s biggest fans. An interesting piece of detail involves this new version of Morpheus who is supposedly some AI carbon copy of the original Morpheus. Apparently, his mind is now fused with an AI and is controlling a residual self-image that resembles his younger self. To be honest, we’re not sure how this pseudoscience will be explained away in the movie. But we all know that in the Matrix, whenever AI gets involved in anything it’s rarely a good sign for humans. What if Morpheus is now an agent? Or in this case, a double agent? It’s worth giving some thought.

Trinity is still dead

We know. You’ve seen the trailer. You’ve seen Trinity shaking Neo’s hand, both of them oblivious to who the other is (as they’ve obviously had their memories wiped). So what do we mean by Trinity is dead when she is clearly alive and kicking in the new trailer?

Well, it might have a lot to do with the fact that she was impaled to death in the Matrix: Revolutions after her and Neo’s ship’s nose-dived into the cold barren earth on their way to Machine City.

It isn’t likely that Trinity (or anyone for that matter) would be able to survive that. And we’ve seen irrefutable proof that Neo’s body was salvaged by the machines. What if they couldn’t save Trinity’s body, but they managed to save her mind?

It would do wonders to make the plot less convoluted for sure. But we won’t know until the film premieres in December 2021. Fingers crossed.