This banana taped to a wall was sold for US$120,000 —another artist came and ate it

Maurizio Cattelan’s US$120,000 ‘Comedian’ piece at the Art Basel show on Saturday. (Photo: YouTube)

The Art Basel show in Miami was a talking point all weekend, as an exhibition by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan titled Comedian fished an impressive US$120,000.

What was the art piece? I’m glad you asked. A banana with grey duct tape.

One French collector was so struck with awe that he purchased the piece.

I- *pauses* You know, I think it’s me. There’s something obviously wrong with me.

US$120,000. For a banana, taped to a wall.

Are you kidding me???

Even when you have that much money to ‘throw away’, I can’t look at you and take you seriously as an art enthusiast.

Spare me the whole “art is subjective” epilogue…this is dumb and even the ‘artist’ was in on the joke.

You mean to tell me, a banana taped to a wall, is worth $120,000; despite actual, TALENTED artists out there struggling just to get by?

I’m sorry, help me to understand.

And if this story doesn’t get any weirder, another Hungry Artist just walked up to the exhibition on Saturday, removed the banana and ate it.


Don’t believe me? Check this video out below.

Fun fact, American David Datuna, only got a reprimand from Lucien Terras, director of museum relations for Galerie Perrotin (where the Art Basel was held).

“He did not destroy the artwork. The banana is the idea,” Terras told the Miami Herald.

Hang on, did I just hear that right? But wait! The ‘explanation’ gets even better…

As it turns out, the value of the work is in the certificate of authenticity; the banana is meant to be replaced.

A replacement banana was taped to the wall about 15 minutes after Datuna’s stunt.

You know, BUZZ fam, some people could start LIFE with that kind of money.

*kisses teeth*

Maybe I’m too poor to relate to the artistic taste. Let me borrow US$120,000 and change my mind. Or better yet…throw me a banana. I need the potassium after this.