‘This nah go break mi’: Comedian Trippple X addresses stealing allegations

Comedian Trippple X was recently arrested for stealing in the United States, but he says he won’t try to defend his actions.

Comedian Trippple X

“Mi nah go try fi defend whatever actions that I have done or did. I am not going to try to downplay it. Mi nah go try fi mek it seem like a sup’m insignificant. Mi nah go hide it and mi nah go run from it. Mi a stand up and tek mi beaten,” Trippple X said on Instagram on Tuesday night.

“This nah go break mi. It nah go stop mi.”

— TRppple X

The entertainer went live on Instagram to speak about the matter after his arrest record surfaced online on Monday. The screenshots show that Trippple X, whose real name is Darrielle Anthony Cummings, was arrested in North Lauderdale, Florida, on August 26. He was charged with 2nd-degree petit theft. His bond was US$25.

After the news broke, several persons started discussing it online. Some persons even created memes and videos ridiculing Trippple X. Interestingly, this is something he has welcomed, as he even posted one such video on his Instagram page.

As he deals with his legal issues, Trippple X declared that he, too, has faults. “I am just a normal man like anybody,” he said.

And while he is yet to state what he stole or where the incident occurred, he said that he will not allow the matter to stop his plans.

“This nah go break mi. It nah go stop mi. This a just waa simple likkle speed bump weh mi a go just hurdle and go over it,” he said.