TikTok celebs charged for breaking COVID-19 protocols

Two TikTok celebrities have been charged for violating coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols in Los Angeles after hosting hundreds of people at two house parties.

Bryce Hall (left) and Blake Gray have been charged with violating Los Angeles’s COVID-19 orders following two large parties at their home. (Photo: TMZ)

Bryce Hall and Blake Gray were slapped with misdemeanour charges for breaking the city’s pandemic health order and party house ordinance after they held gatherings on August 8 and August 14 with several hundred guests each.

Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Freur, said they two have a combined following of 19 million TikTok users and should be “modelling great behaviour, best practices, for all of us, rather than brazenly violating the law and posting videos about it.”

Electricity and power to the home, located in the exclusive Hidden Hill community, were ordered shut off by the mayor, Eric Garcetti, last week.

More than 5,700 deaths have been recorded in the Los Angeles county from confirmed 237,000 cases of the virus.