Tishana shows off her cultural side on new single


Reggae singer Tishana shows off her cultural side on her new single, Jah Jah Warrior. The song was produced by Reggae Yard Vibes and Paypaz Chasaz and was released on Saturday, (July 10).

Jah Jah Warrior is about the struggles I have faced in the music biz. I’ve been through a lot; the business is very rough. Sometimes people give you a fight for no reason; some people are just hateful and bad mind. One day I got a new rhythm from one of my producers, and while I was vibing it, the lyrics just started to flow. Although this song came out of my personal experiences, it’s a song of empowerment for everyone who’s going through trying times,” Tishana said.

The energetic singer who began her career as a child she’s ready to claim her place in the spotlight.

“I’ve been working on my craft for since I was a child, and I’ve paid my dues. It’s my time to shine now. I have the talent and the image to go all the way to the top, so that’s what I’m aiming for, nothing less,” she said.

Tishana is also promoting her debut EP titled Tishana aka Pinky Famous on the Music Basket label; it was produced by Tishana and her father, Oneil “Famous” Darby.

“The EP is out now; it has seven solid songs on it. It’s available on all digital platforms. I want all my fans to go online and support it.”

Tishana is featured on the remix of Shane E’s single titled Su Tesoro. This remix will be released on Shane E’s upcoming Gifted EP.