TMI! Spice gets flirty with her man on the ‘Gram

Awww… the PDA

Okay Spice, we get it. Your Rasta man, Justin Budd is the full package.

We saw him willing to drown for you while doing the ‘Go Down Deh’ challenge, and scaling the walls close to a mango tree like a lizard just so you could have some delicious East Indian mangoes.

We’ve seen the cute relationship he has with your kids, and how supportive he is of you and your career.

And now, we’re being reluctantly made aware that he’s apparently very well endowed where it matters the most.

The two were on vacation in Jamaica recently, and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Sharing a slow-motion video of them in a pool kissing and loving up on each other, Budd let his followers know how that vacation came about.

“She said ‘Babe I have to go Handle some business in Jamaica’ Me: Ok Go ahead I’ll meet you there in a few days ❤️
Thank you @spiceofficial my baby for showing me an amazing time in your hometown,” he captioned the video.

And among the many ‘ohhs’, and “awwww” in his comment section was Spice herself, letting him know she loves him, and his ‘Jaconda’.

“I love you baby😍❤️❤️❤️ Please take care my Jaconda for me 😢 I miss him so much already 😫,” she wrote.

What do you think that Jaconda is BUZZ Fam?