TMI!? Spice rings in New Year doing “the nasty”

Spice is not known for being coy and the dancehall artiste showed just how open she is when she took to Instagram to wish her followers a happy New Year last night.

Spice and her partner Justin Budd (Photo: Spice/Instagram)

In between mouthfuls of cornflakes, the So Mi Like It artiste summed up her day, which she described as “beautiful” having gone to a wedding with new beau, Justin Budd, before returning home to set off fireworks with her family.

Her message to fans was simple one, “Love, joy, peace, prosperity, more blessing. 2021, go dung pan unu knees and pray fi wah unu want, write it dung, set unu goals and unu dreams and go fi it, nuh mek nobody tell unu say unu cyan do it. Don’t forget say mi a come from homeless, mi a come from no shoes or one pair of shoes, memba say mi fight through it all, you’ve seen it fi yu own self and I made it out of nothing. If I can do it, you can do it too.”

She continued, “I just want to wish you all the best, I decree and declare nothing but joy and peace and blessing and prosperity…”

She closed the video message with, “Mi a go upstairs go bathe, and gwaan with ‘the nasty’. Yea, mi a go do ‘the nasty’ all night, right through; right through the night. It’s 2021 baby, I have no worries.”