To be or not to be: Dream Weekend yet to make a decision on 2020 staging

(Photo: SN Travel)

BUZZ Fam, by now you may have come to believe that summer is cancelled, and such the popular Dream Weekend party series would be cancelled too. But the organisers are are yet to make a decision on that.

They have indicated June 15 as the day when they’ll let patrons know if the standard entertainment event will have a 2020 edition.

The Dream Weekend team said no definitive decision can be taken at this time because the government has ceased issuing events permits, and the country’s borders remain close.

“Based on where we are in the year, we remain optimistic of a 2020 staging. That said, we recognise the need for patrons to plan ahead for travel and accommodation. It is primarily for this reason [that] we have set a deadline for no later than June 15, 2020 to make a final decision on whether [or not] to proceed on August 5-9, 2020, or postpone Dream Weekend to a later date,” the statement read.

The organisers said they are seeking your patience and give them time tto have critical conversations with concerned parties, including government regulators, in order to make the right decision.