Toast to that! Koffee adds flavour to Malta campaign

In April, reggae star Koffee teamed up with Malta for a virtual event, and now she is singing a catchy tune for the brand as she helps to advertise their new flavours.

Reggae artiste Koffee

For the ad, which is part of their ‘Full of Flava’ campaign, Koffee is dressed in several outfits as she sings about the different Malta flavours such as coffee, vanilla, original and ginseng with ginger.

Malta shared the video on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Full of Flava, no if or nuh maybe! Malta we crave pon a daily… What is your favourite line from our new song?,” the brand said in the caption.

In addition to listing their favourite flavours, many people seemed to like the song.

“Malta full of Flava fi life ❤ The best Malta ad,” one social media user said.

“Koffee mek me want a Malta,” another added.

Joining to the discussion, one person said: “Love the whole song. Wonderful song for a wonderful beverage.”

Koffee’s collaboration with Malta comes a month after she was announced as a brand ambassador for Mastercard.