‘TOES’ TO THAT: Koffee intends to pursue college education

Koffee with her Grammy award in February.

Since graduating Ardenne High School in 2017, Koffee has signed to Columbia Records UK, gotten the approval from former United States President Barack Obama, and created history by becoming the youngest and first Jamaican female to win a Grammy award for best reggae album.

Despite her meteoric rise, the genre-bending star has not forsaken her academic journey. “I left high school at 17 and started doing music so I never went to college or anything but I graduated high school. I definitely think continuing your education is a good idea so in any way I can, by studying music or just any little thing where mi can get a degree, I think would be good and I’ll definitely aim to do that,” she said.

After not being called for her alma mater’s sixth form programme, Koffee decided to pursue music and went viral with Legend, a tribute to retired Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. Interestingly, had she not been in music, she would have been Mikayla Simpson, the pharmacist.

Koffee and Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“In high school, I took up the three sciences and I was gonna be a pharmacist so yes I was saved by (music),” she said laughing.

Koffee was answering questions from fans following an acoustic performance powered by Malta Jamaica on Sunday afternoon (April 12).

‘I run a full-on nail salon, I’ve been doing hands and toes.’


Among the interesting details fans learned about the Toast hitmaker is her secret talent—doing manicures and pedicures. “I run a full-on nail salon, I’ve been doing hands and toes. Weh di people weh fi give the testimonials deh?” she asked looking around. “Big, big tings a gwaan man, so now inna di quarantine and when yuh nail salon close and dem nuh waan… just link me.”

Spice and Koffee embrace during a staging of the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

She also said her favourite subject in school was English Language, and her favourite fashion brand is Nike. As to what her favourite song is currently? “A one a dem Skillibeng song deh, just listen to all of dem man…I won’t say.” Among the songs she performed for online viewers were W, Burnin’, Toast and Rapture.