Tommy Lee Sparta issues threat to anyone who leaks his music online

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee

With a gun charge hanging over his head, you’d think incarcerated dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta would be more careful about the words he puts out there.

But it looks like having spent so much time in and out of jail, the Rich Badness deejay might be mistaking it for a second home. What else could explain the blatant threat issued from his Instagram account to anyone who leaks his music online?

“Anybody leak any of my new songs Spartan we go chop off them head an stitch it inna dem belly some big p***y gal an some b***y bwoy love leak man song any page leak me song plz unno jus report it an sen out the person name,” the menacing warning on his Instagram account read.

It’s not even hard to believe that there were fans encouraging this behaviour. But there were others who were sensible enough to caution the deejay on his choice of words.

Tommy Lee Sparta was charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition in December last year. He is also the subject of other criminal investigations according to the police. His court date is scheduled for March 24.