Tommy Lee Sparta’s lawyer says his client is not involved in any murders

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee

“We certainly have never, ever, ever, ever been involved in any murders, any shootings or any acts of violence.” That’s the declaration coming from dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney, Donahue Martin.

His statement follows reports that the illegal firearm which was seized from the artiste was linked to the high profile killings of British Link-Up Crew members Owen “Roy Fowl” Clarke and Alphanso “Oney British” Harriott.

Both men were killed a month apart in 2019.

Tommy Lee Sparta is currently serving three years in prison for the illegal firearm.

But this new revelation has left fans wondering if the Rich Badness artiste will be locked away for a longer period.

“We took responsibility for our actions on a particular day which is that we were in possession of the firearm and that is the extent of any comment we can make at this time,” Martin told the Jamaica Observer.

“I can confirm, questions were put to us in relation to it a very long time ago, in January, and we denied those allegations,” he continued.