‘Tone-deaf ad’ highlights Andrew Holness’ visit to family of Susan Bogle

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) is catching heat for a video he posted of his visit to the home of Susan Bogle on Wednesday. Holness met and spoke at length with Omari Stephens (left), Bogle’s son. (Photo: Twitter @NationwideRadio)

What in the Donald Trump aestheticism is going on in Jamaica House, Maas BroGad?

Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues to disappoint after posting a video on Wednesday night (June 3) of his visit to the bereaved family of Susan Bogle, and it was nothing short of a PR stunt.

Lined with drone-shots of August Town, booms galore and what I assume was ‘feel-good’ music, Holness met with Bogle’s son Omari Stephens and saw the house in which his mother was killed.

The prime minister offered his assurance that a thorough investigation would be done in the wake of his mother’s death—at the same beaming how much the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) were aligned in the interest to protect all citizens.

I’m sorry, BUZZ fam, but the entire visit felt like a glorified campaign advertisement, which explains why so many were outraged on Twitter, leading to the video and all posts associated with the visit to be deleted.

You keep missing the mark! And I genuinely don’t understand what was behind the thought process.

Who approved this?

Holness claimed he was so impressed that Omari was able to articulate himself. Excuse me?

You were born in Spanish Town and are now prime minister, so why buy into the same stereotypes that are constantly pushed on inner-city youths?

Why, after being there to offer your sympathy to the family, does he need to be well-spoken? Why does that surprise you?

How dare you? Is this a game to you?

Reprehensible, irresponsible, ill-timed, disingenuous and downright manipulative.

And to all the people under the video beaming about how Holness is a ‘man of the people’ and ‘cares for Jamaica’, spare me the platitudes/pageantry.

You and the entire social media team should be ashamed of yourselves.

Need you be reminded that the whole reason you were there was because the same JDF, which is supposedly ‘aligned’ in the interest of protecting Jamaicans was the same entity that killed Susan Bogle in the sanctity of her home.

That video should have NEVER been the highlight of your visit.