Too steamy! Fans loving Alkaline and Stalk Ashley’s ‘Incognito’ collab

Dancehall artiste Alkaline has teamed up with Jamaican singer Stalk Ashley for a new track, and their fans are loving it.

Singer Stalk Ashley

The song, Incognito, was released on Thursday. With more than 160,000 views, the song is currently trending at number two on YouTube.

Stalk Ashley teased the song earlier this week when she made a post, which she captioned: “Can you guess who the featured artiste on my next track will be? #Incognito This Friday.”

Surprisingly, many people were able to guess that the song was with Alkaline even though the graphic she shared was not clear.

Nonetheless, listeners have been loving the song that highlights two people’s desire to have a steamy affair. And although the song is ‘sexy’, it contains no expletives.

So far, fans of the two artistes are in love with the track.

“Me alone realise say there is not one curse word in this song even tho it’s sooo sexual??? A real masterpiece,” one viewer said on YouTube.

“Most people was expecting to hear a high tempo or raw song that’s why them say it lame. But the truth is this song is so smooth, sexual and relaxing😩 and it also have a nice crossover cubes,” another added.


While many are asking for a music video to accompany the song, others are just can’t get enough.

“Its a beautiful song 😍 😘very addictive I must add❤️❤️❤️ur voice is so soothing …thank u for this masterpiece,” one person said.

“Perfect mix 🎭🎭🎭🔥🔥🔥 1LAWD and stalk wid the flawless vocals,” another added.