Toots Hibbert says new album will be wicked!

Toots Hibbert is excited about his album with The Maytals.

Ska and reggae connoisseur Toots Hibbert was all smiles when asked about his upcoming album recorded with The Maytals. The album will be their debut project on the Trojan Jamaica imprint, to which they signed in October.

Though he was very sparse on the project’s details, Hibbert is excited to have fans hear the record.

“I don’t have my mind on getting Grammys or those things. If it comes I just say, ‘OK fine’.”

— Toots Hibbert

“The album is done already, and we’re just trying to finalise a release date,” he told BUZZ. “I don’t remember the name of it, but the feel of the album is very wicked. It’s not just reggae, it’s gonna have rock and all types of other genres. It’s just gonna be wicked!”

Industry recognition

Hibbert co-produced the effort with Trojan Jamaica’s co-founder, Zak Starkey. Starkey is the son of legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and is popularly known as a member of the British rock group, The Who. He partnered with Australian singer Sharna ‘Sshh’ Liguz to form the record label last year.

Toots Hibbert was quite fiery as he performed at Rebel Salute on the weekend.

Toots and the Maytals formed more than five decades ago and has enjoyed international success with songs like Monkey Man, Sweet and Dandy, Bam Bam and 54-46 That’s My Number. The group earned its first Grammy award in 2004 for the album True Love, and received a Grammy nomination for its last album, Reggae Got Soul: Unplugged On Strawberry Hill, in 2012.

Despite his faith in the album, Hibbert is not looking for such industry recognition.

“Everything I sing, and I’m not showing off, is just good. I do mean everything,” he said. “I don’t have my mind on getting Grammys or those things. If it comes I just say, ‘OK fine’. I always have better songs, so it’s hard for me to pick songs and say I want to get the Grammy when some people never win it yet.”

Toots and the Maytals are currently on a world tour and will perform in New Zealand this weekend before doing a series of concerts in the United States next month.