Top 20 media moments of 2019

Former Education Minister Ruel Reid made many headlines.

It is hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. Where did the time go? It was a year of headlines, hilarious moments, heartaches, hard choices and historic happenings. Some topics are funny, some straight bar talk and salacious salon chatting and others downright controversial. They made us laugh or argue, and most of us had an opinion on what made either the newspaper front cover or was fodder for social media. Indeed, no one can say 2019 was boring. 

The leadership battle between PNP’s Peter Bunting and Dr Peter Phillips got nasty at times.

The following are some of the most talked-about topics of the year compiled in no particular order. See if you can recall most of them.

1. Former Education Minister Ruel Reid’s scandal and subsequent arrest. It may not have been the ‘mother of all scandals’, but it was pretty close with even his staff members being embroiled in the missing million saga.

2. People’s National Party presidential election between Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting. It got nasty and then in a blink it was over.

Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz created history.

3. The historic debut of the Reggae Girlz at the World Cup. For first time participants, they represented well.

4. Ann-Marie Vaz beating Damion Crawford for Portland Seat. This was almost as keenly contested as the PNP race.

5. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s comeback and win at Doha. Now blessed with ‘mommy’ power, the queen reclaimed her throne as the top woman in sprinting.

Mommy Rocket was in all her glory this year with her son by her side.

6. Artiste Koffee’s Toast reaches 50 million views.

7. Shaggy’s Little Mermaid performance. The magical world of Disney benefitted from ‘Mr Bombastic’s injection of Caribbean culture.

8.  Konshen’s confessions of contemplating suicide. In a missive directed at his estranged wife, the deejay poured his heart out on social media addressing their complicated relationship; the death of his brother and how it devastated him.

Shaggy played Sebastian the Crab in The Little Mermaid Live.

9. The Voice winner Tessanne Chin expecting a baby girl. It is a new man and a new bundle for the beloved artiste

10. Olympian Elaine Thompson gets married. She may not have won at the World Championships, but she is still winning in life. The athlete got married shortly after her return from the games.

11. Clan Carty Primary student dies in freak accident. A seven-year-old lost his life when a garbage truck overturned on him.

Sprinter Elaine Thompson got married.

12. Pembrooke Hall High teacher meltdown. In a video that went viral, the teacher threatened the male ninth grader and the public took sides as to whether she was wrong or if she was simply a frustrated educator that was provoked 

13. Jamaica Stock Exchange featured on Wall Street. Having attained the distinction of Best Performance on the stock market, our flag was flown on the Wall Street building.

14. Male lecturer at Edna Manley College accused of sexually harassing both students and faculty member. The powers that be at the institution were said to be aware of the issue for years and did nothing.

15. Tesha Miller found guilty. The Spanish Town don had his verdict handed down with the sentencing stage left to go

Street view of the Edna Manley College sign
Edna Manley College was in the news for two different reasons.

16. Edna Manley culturally ‘colourful’ Valedictorian speech sparks controversy. Ending his speech with the ‘fabric’ that Jamaicans find the most expressive, it made the round all the way to the Diaspora.

17. Yahweh Church clash with authorities over safety and ethical issues involving children. With rumours of underage girls were being married off to old men, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency and the police stepped in, and there was almost a showdown between the church and the State.  

Miss Lou’s 100th birthday was celebrated across Jamaica.

18. Cultural Icon Louise Bennett’s Centenary celebrated. One of the most beloved cultural icon 100th birthday was marked with events and performances, especially in her old home at Gordon Town, St Andrew   

19. Protest over mining in Cockpit Country. Protest against bauxite mining in this protected area reached as far as outside the United Nations General Assembly building in New York.

20. Popular politicians’ visas revoked. Phillip Paulwell and Daryl Vaz were said to be two of a few top politicians who were ‘persona non grata’ with the United States immigration officials.

Is this list complete, BUZZ fam? What other media moment would you add?