Top 5 Wins at JFDF 2019’s Crisp: Fare & Beer

Kingston’s cityscape was a perfect backdrop for the vibrant marketplace patrons thronged the waterfront to experience. #JFDF2019’s Crisp: Fare & Beer, the fourth event in the festival’s seven-day roster, was a night of lights, colours, smiling faces, robust brands and good beer from across the globe.

Add to that a generous helping of stylishly crisp eats by some of Jamaica’s culinary masters—Alexa Von Strolley, Shea Stewart, Charissa Henry, Theo Smith and Haleem Card, to name a few. Set it on a bed of musical delights by DJ Smoke and the ever-thrilling Lila Ike, then drizzle with cool night air from the Caribbean Sea for a taste of al fresco we won’t soon forget.

Reggae revival sensation Lila Ike performing at Jamaica Food and Drink Festival’s Crisp

With an array of well-styled, delicious food and refreshers to explore at Jamaica Food & Drink Festival’s Crisp: Fare & Beer, it was quite a task to narrow the selections down. Hundreds of bites, chews and ‘aahs’ later, we’ve managed to collate the night’s best-savoured moments, eats and sips.

‘Beer’ Vibes

Location, location, location. Beautiful views of the downtown Kingston waterfront and magical night sky, perfect temperature and ample parking. What’s not to love?

The energy was high and good vibes flowed just as easily as the copious number of tasty beers to choose from for a definite win. Ciderboys and the new Red Stripe Watermelon flavour tops our list. 

#UTECHDesserts’ Banana [Spring] Roll

We asked several gourmands what they recommended as the night’s must-have, and this sweet treat patrons described as ‘orgasmic’, ‘unexpected’, ‘world-class’ and ‘divine’ was unanimously voted, we had to see what the Buzz was all about! A chorus of audible post-crunch moans greeted us on arrival at their booth and soon our taste buds, too, gave it a well-deserved chef’s kiss.

UTECH Dessert’s Banana Spring Roll


This one is a tie between Dale Delisser’s drool-worthy Crispy Roast Pork & Pak Choy Salad and Tooksie Kay Catering’s Beef Tenderloin Chilaquiles with Salsa Verde, Port Reduction, Cilantro Garlic Crema and Goat cheese topped with a radish and Avocado Relish [Okaaay, Alexa [Von Strolley]. Both so good, we never even got any! But everyone was talking about them. Shout out to the kind patron who allowed us a quick shot of the latter!

Beef Tenderloin Chilaquiles with Salsa Verde, Port Reduction, Cilantro Garlic Crema and Goat cheese topped with a radish and Avocado Relish

Cb Chicken & Pink Apron’s Blow Wow Chicken Bites Tossed in a Spicy Guava Glaze

Perfectly cooked [come through, texture], expertly seasoned chicken with just-right sweetness and a kaleidoscope of flavours to awaken the senses. We’re ready for more.

Oak Lounge’s Crispy Pork Poppers with Chorizo Apple Jam

Beautifully presented and equally appealing to taste, Oak’s offering was a definite crowd favourite.

It packed serious crisp and crunch with the especially delightful flavour pairing of the Chorizo Apple Jam. We give it a gold star. 

Honourable mentions: 

UTECH Desserts’ Fried Cheesecake in Sorrel Coulis was a nice complement of flavour and texture.

Trevanne Donegal [Porter’s Private Dining]’s Kataifi-WrappedHerb MarinatedPrawns with Scotch Bonnet Tzatziki was well-balanced and very pleasing to the eye.

Theo Smith’s Kaarage Chicken on Jasmine rice was as comforting as it was sumptuous – an up-levelled take on a Jamaican favourite.

Grace Kitchens x Chef Shea Stewart – The bacon flatbread was lovely and, as usual, his entire menu had super-tasty options.

Grace Kitchen and Chef Shea Stewart’s bacon flatbread

We also loved the crunchiness of the fried cauliflower.

Chef Shea Stewart’s Fried Cauliflower

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