Top four reasons Squid Game is a must-watch

A scene from Squid Game (photo: The NY Times)

If you haven’t yet binged watched the entire first season of Netflix’s latest drama series, Squid Game, kudos to you for not following the hype. You are stronger than most because this new series is all anyone seems to talk about these days. It is virtually impossible to scroll through your social media timeline without being bombarded by Squid Game memes or to go through one’s day without someone mentioning it.

If you’re still on the fence about taking in the Squid Game action, don’t worry. We are about to break down the latest blockbuster and let you in on the drama that’s causing all the BUZZ! And the best part is, we’re only giving you the top 4 reasons based on resounding feedback from viewers.

But first, a recap of what the Korean drama is actually about.

Squid Game revolves around a group of more than 400 people facing massive debts who willingly agree to compete in a series of seemingly simple children’s games. With a mouthwatering cash prize of $40 million, the contestants are all down until they find out the games are lethal. Talk about a plot twist! In Squid Game, the lives of everyone who plays are on the line.

Now to the reasons the Korean drama is a must-watch!

  1. THE PLOT-It goes without saying but the plot is an absolute good reason to binge watch the 9-episode drama. Nerve-wracking games that end in people being eliminated through death, what could be more exciting? Alas if you are a thrill-seeking, action-loving viewer, this is right up your alley!

2. The cast and their storyline-Lee Jung Jae (Sandglass), Park Haesoo (Prison Playbook) and Wi Hajun (18 Again) give absolutely encapsulating backstories as to why they end up playing the Squid Game. Their need to each pay off the debts they’re owed and the depths they are willing to go to accomplish that feat will most certainly keep you on your toes. But be careful not to get too attached to any one character. You never know when they will lose a game and pay with their lives.

3. The emotional rollercoaster-Speaking of not getting too attached, the latter is perhaps impossible when you latch on to a particular character and want to see them make it out alive and $40 million richer. Through the games, you are taken on a journey with the players and as they experience friendship, betrayal, trauma, loneliness and a host of other emotions, so will you.

4. The mystery-It’s a question we all get to asking by the middle of the first episode. Who is behind all these petrifying games? Who is pulling the strings and in some cases-the trigger? Who’s the mastermind behind these games and what do they get out of watching it all go down? These are questions we, unfortunately, have no answer to. Perhaps we may get some insight in season 2? One can only hope.