Tory Lanez says he wants to be like Bob Marley

Tory Lanez

Rapper Tory Lanez wants to stop wars with his music, just like Bob Marley. Lanez scored his first major cover with Flaunt since he allegedly shot Meghan Thee Stallion, and used the opportunity to share his story and his aspirations.

“You ever seen that meme of DMX on the stage performing to the whole world? He’s performing to a million people, that are how I feel. I’m going to stop wars with my music like how Bob Marley did. I’m going to do certain things that are so above and beyond other artists,” he said.

He believes that this might be more possible now that he is an independent artiste and has more control over what he puts out.

“I’m free to do whatever I want. I’m not dictated by anybody else’s opinion of my art. I can move freely and live freely through my music and through my craft. I’m happy to be independent,” he said.

He also expressed his longing for performing again, however, he understands and supports the restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I miss the stage a lot. I miss the feeling of fans singing my music back to me, us making eye contact. Us having that moment of interaction where our souls are connecting through the music. I miss that, but at the same time, the safety of people is so important right now. I do believe in doing what we have to do to make sure everyone is safe.”