Tory Lanez says Quarantine Radio return was sabotaged

Quarantine Radio returned last night and it was weird.

Rapper Tory Lanez

Rapper Tory Lanez believes he was sabotaged after consistent lagging forced him to restart the show multiple times.

“Something or somebody is tryna do some weird sh*t to my Live …. I’m going to switch pages …. cause I’m not dumb,” he said in a post which he has since deleted.

His added, “ON MY MOTHER GRAVE . @sebbasnow PAGE IN 5 MINUTES ……. we will do it …cuz people need they money and regardless.”

“If ni**as go playing on this f**king page right now, cause this is a random page, I know ni**as f**king with me.”

– Tory Lanez

It was meant to be the Halloween edition loaded with cash prizes for the top twerkers and costumes. Naturally, one could anticipate the shady comments about him allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion, but the 73,000 capped viewership and connectivity issues were new territory for the show that started in March.

In the first Live, Lanez seemed unaware that the connectivity issues stemmed from his side as he told callers to get stable Wi-Fi service then try again. Towards the end of the Live, a male voice called in and brought up the Megan incident.

“You shot Megan Thee Stallion,” the person said in the dark.

Lanez did not respond, and instead spoke to people around him about the connectivity issues. The person repeated the statement and was eventually cut off by Lanez who decided to end the Live.

After another distorted stream, Lanez decided to try another person’s account.

“If ni**as go playing on this f**king page right now, cause this is a random page, I know ni**as f**king with me,” he said.

That stream was cut off before it reached 30,000.

Between two hours, Lanez went back and forth between the two pages as the sessions continued to drop. He was in good spirits and even had the support of his child’s mother who was in the chat, alongside celebrities like Drake, Tyga and Lil Durk.

After another failed Live, he did not return to the platform to finish the competitions.

Fans are speculating that Stallion’s Roc Nation team was behind the night’s issues.

“Roc Nation stay hating on Tory,” a follower said.

“A certain record label might be behind this.”

“The Illuminati tryna stop him.”

There were also several “Free Tory” comments which rivalled the “You shot Megan” ones.

Others said:

“We hate you that’s the problem.”

“I’m reporting that one (Live) too little ni**a.”

“Can he stop trying to make everything look like a conspiracy orchestrated by Megan/Roc Nation? I guess it’s tough being fake unbothered.”