Tosh Alexander releases hit single ‘Games’

Tosh Alexander came on the scene in 2013 when her voice was featured on the Busta Rhymes track featuring Nicki Minaj “Twerk It”. Yes, she was the Jamaican saying, “Yea, Yuh dun know…”

She has returned to Jamaica from the US and has been making musical strides locally. Tosh has released her new single “Games” which is a remake of Serani’s 2009 hit “No Games”.

In 2009 ‘No Games’ crossed over to the US and got recognition from mainstream media. Serani was telling his love interest that he has no time for games; Tosh is sending the same message but with a twist.

She sternly told her love interest that she is not up for the games even though she desperately wants the relationship to work. Some of Alexander’s requests in the song are, “Just send reply sometimes/Say you’re mine, all mine.”

The song produced by Jaxx who works extensively with Jada Kingdom, did an immaculate mix between dancehall and R&B.  The video depicts a modernly sexy and fashionable Tosh.

A nervous Tosh took to Instagram sharing that, “I haven’t slept. I’m actually frazzled. I’m actually nervous & excited.” She added, “My craft isn’t a #Game to me and anyone who knows me knows this.”

To continue the excitement around her single, she also shared with fans a snippet of a Rolling Stones review on the new track.

BUZZ fam check out the vid and tell us what you think.