Tosh Alexander reveals visualizer for ‘Bad Like Dat’

Tosh Alexander

Jamaican artiste Tosh Alexander has released Bad Like Dat , an open-letter of sorts about the disappointment and hurt she faced in a failed relationship.

Lyrically, the song is one of her more ‘vulnerable’ tracks. Bad Like Dat shows a more ‘open’ Tosh, singing in a plea-like tone against melodious keys and a strong bass line fusing her worlds of Dancehall and R&B.

“It was important for me to be honest about being hurt. It’s always easier to express the more anger riddled emotions, but it takes a lot more strength to just be honest about being hurt and sad. “Bad Like Dat” and the emotions behind it were inspired by real life experiences, and it is important at this point in my career to be very transparent and authentic with my fans,” she said.

As in her other songs, the lyrics are empowering, strong, and slick. 

The single was Executively Produced by Cobesssssss of Knetwork and Unruly Entertainment and composed by Alvin Brown (credited with his work on Popcaan’s ‘Fixtape’ for the track ‘Chill’). It was Tosh’s first collaboration with Cobessssss and cites the new sound as somewhat of a ‘first’ for her.

Bad Like Dat was a way for us to get our collaborative feet wet, and an introduction to how we can mesh our sounds. While my sound fuses elements of R&B and reggae, Cobe is known for dancehall and traphall which made working together quite interesting. We’re definitely looking forward to more collaborations.”  

Tosh Alexander – named after her Mother’s favorite singer Peter Tosh, was born in Brooklyn & raised between Jamaica & Florida. She captures the best of both those worlds in her music and refuses to be placed in a box.

“I grew up in both cultures, I’m as much a fan of R&B as I am of hardcore Dancehall and the music I make reflects exactly that,” she states. Classic movie star looks with her Hot Gyal demeanor layered with smooth and unadulterated vocals provides the perfect package to present her art. With a rich musical legacy already under her belt, Tosh is excited to unleash her new genre-bending sound, authentic to her upbringing & life experiences.