Trelawny is the new hotspot for beachcombers

On any given day, the beaches in Jamaica are lined with persons, both local and overseas visitors, seeking the fulfilment of enjoying the sea, sun and sand that the country is revered for worldwide.

Silver Sands Beach in Trelawny

A number of parishes have boasted to have popular beach spots, but of late, the parish of Trelawny seems to have made a major push to become the new spot that everyone wants to be. The parish has some of the most pristine white sands and clear blue waters that have now began pulling visitors from near and far to come and enjoy.

876 Beach Club in Trelawny

Areas such as the 876 Beach Club, Burwood, Bamboo Beach, Silver Sands have become populated with beach enthusiasts seeking enjoyment and it’s also a popular way to beat the heat.

Burwood Beach in Trelawny (

On any particular day, buses and other methods of transportation can be seen strewn around in parking spots and other spaces after having deposited persons to enjoy the cool and welcoming shorelines that Trelawny has on offer.

Bamboo Beach Trelawny (Source)

The beaches have been a big boost to the Trelawny’s fledgeling tourism product that has seen a number of hotels coming into the space in recent times. A big pull for these mega hotels has been the powdery pearly white sands that the parish is known for.

Silver Sands Beach in Duncans, Trelawny

The summer is only expected to get hotter and more persons expected to cool off on the beaches and Trelawny is no exception.

Will you be making a stop to any of the idyllic beaches soon?