Trending Gyal! Shenseea wants to know your fave song of hers

In case you missed it, Shenseea has been having a whirlwind past couple of years.

Rising dancehall star Shenseea has asked her fans to name their favourite track of hers.

Following her breakout single Jiggle Jiggle four years ago – which she followed up with a mega Vybz Kartel collab, Loodi – the artiste has been on a winning streak, releasing hit after hit.

Now, in the year of our Lord 2020, the ‘Princess of dancehall’ has asked her 2.8 million Instagram followers to do the near-impossible, choose their most memorable song of hers.

The artiste posted a screenshot from a social media user who asked, “First song that comes to mind when you hear the name Shenseea”, which she shared to her Instagram with the question “Well?????”

While some fans had immediate responses like Limited Edition, Shengheng Anthem, Side Chick Song and her recent collab with Taurus Riley, Lighter, others chose share lines associated with the artiste.


And other who replied with, “Mek me tell u a likkle story”

While a third said, “Independent gal real number 1 trending gal !”

For some, the task was just too difficult with one commenting “All a the song dem bungle up inna me head one time. me cyah even think straight I love them all !”

And there’s a third sub-group of respondents, those who could only quote the artiste’s now famous ad lib “Ah Shenseea!”

Time for you to weigh in BUZZ fam, which song comes to mind when you think of Shenseea?