Trinidad Carnival but without foreigners? The Internet is inconsolable

The greatest show on earth, at least to Caribbean nationals, Trinidad carnival is still on but with changes, if reports from the island are to be believed.

Lost Tribe Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (Photo: Justin Ramcharan)

However, there could likely be one glaring change if the scheduled celebrations go ahead next year – it could be with just locals.

A report from the Guardian, a Trinidadian media house, cites well-placed sources who say the festival will go on but will limit its staging to the involvement of Trinbagonians, (and other fortunate nationals who happen to be there) in a worst-case scenario.

Lost Tribe Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (Photo: Justin Ramcharan)

The effect of the coronavirus pandemic has seen countries across the world close borders and implement physical distancing measures to stem the spread of the virus which has claimed almost half a million lives.

Though the twin-island republic’s government has not confirmed the carnival’s staging, or cancellation for that matter, it hasn’t stopped the Internet from weighing in on what could be one of the biggest impacts to the regional entertainment industry.

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Trinidad and Tobago has confirmed 123 coronavirus cases, with 109 of the infected now recovered. There have been eight reported deaths.