Trinidadians poke holes in viral UNC ‘dome strategy’ for COVID-19

Unda what sea? Is 2020 time now allyuh, we fêting unda di dome!

Trinidadians were out in force on Tuesday (August 4) trolling the opposition United National Congress (UNC) for its plan to ‘create a dome’ around the twin-island republic as a means of protecting the country from further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It all started when the UNC released their seven-point, ‘Covid Preparedness & Response Plan’ to keep Trinidad and Tobago safe overnight, as the opposition party kicked up the political machinery ahead of the August 10 general elections.

“The UNC had no higher priority than the protection of you, our citizens. When we are returned to Office, we have a plan to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (sic),” the UNC began.

Trini Twitter users poked holes in the seventh plan, which promised the UNC would be creating a dome around the Caribbean islands.

“This measure will be implemented to protect our country from all illegal outsiders and activity. We will have this partly operational within 1 month and fully operational within 6 months,” the plan read.

Interpreted quite literally, the dome took on a new life on Twitter with even a hashtag #KamlaDome2020 going viral as Trinidadians rolled out the jokes, memes and hot takes on the monumental undertaking.

Several glorious hours of trolling, and many an injured diaphragm (from laughter, duh) later, the UNC returned renaming the dome plan a ‘safety net’ in a revised plan, but the damage was already done, BUZZ fam.

Some Trinbagonians took issue with the plan outright, as it lacked any detail as to how the dome would be established and monitored.

Others just used the opportunity to hit the UNC with their best memes, and they were so GOOD! From Wakanda to The Simpsons and beyond, here are some of the funniest tweets from the UNC’s now-immortalised #KamlaDome2020 gaffe:


*seizes in disbelief*

Probably Kamla: ‘Yuh seh allyuh want jobs? Ise give da people rel jobs nah?!!’

Just one sector. No harm, no foul.

‘Wam?? Where yuh comin from, bossman?’

Did the UNC factor in heat? How will TT breathe?

Hossss, yuh see da? Fix who? Up where? Owah padna

Who payin’ for dis dome, Kamla?

Just like their Jamaican counterparts, there’s something so innately wonderful about Trini Twitter and its capacity to take serious matters then drag it for nothing but comedic relief.