Trinidad’s map grilled by Caribbean Twitter after claim made ‘other countries jealous’

*squints* Something looks off. *zooms in* Oh okay, Caribbean Twitter war, nothing new guys! 😬🤣 (Photo: Twitter, Hassanah Al-Saba @mymunahhh)

Safe to say a Twitter war’s a-brewin’, BUZZ fam, and it all started with a very patriotic Trini tweet!

Caribbean Twitter users brought the jokes, burns and memes out in full effect on Wednesday night (August 19), after one Trini tweet claimed that the other countries were jealous of the twin-island republic’s ‘sexy outline’.

The user, through her @gabsonja handle, wrote on Tuesday that “the shape of Trinidad & Tobago so elite” and that she knew “the other countries trembling”.

Fellow Trinis on the timeline agreed wholeheartedly, calling the twin-island republic’s outline ‘magnificent’ and ‘unmatched’.

Not to be outdone by the overly patriotic claim, Caribbean Twitter went in, as some offered their native country outlines, others just straight for the virtual jugular —dragging the Trini map for filth.

A few Twitter users pointed out there was nothing wrong about loving one’s country, but bringing the other islands into any debate on ‘which is best’ was bound to start something.

You’re pretty much asking for it at this point, guys.

More Caribbean Twitter users outright shrugged at the claim, unmoved by the tweet.

Of course, the Jamaican Twitterati caught wind and got to work with claims of their own, one of which contended that the Trini map only served as a quaint ‘J’ to go with the rest of the reggae island’s name.

Arguably having the most users, Jamaicans kept the heat coming, likening the Trinidadian outline to an elf, Santa’s Boots, and a myriad of hilarious descriptions.

And just like that, a wave of memes washed the timeline as Jamaicans imposed the Trinbagonian outline; before long, the iconic black-green-and-gold colours of the flag (and a reminder that they once successful claimed Rihanna as a yardie) were also added.

*pauses* This could actually work, enuh! One thing about the Jamaicans, they are gonna troll.😂😂😂😂

No telling where this’ll lead, but can we just agree the on-again, off-again banter among our sister islands keeps social media so interesting, BUZZ fam?!