T&T doctor under fire for viral voice note telling staff not to hire black nurses

A Trinidadian doctor has come under fire after racist comments he allegedly made in a voice note, were leaked on social media.

Dr Avinash Sawh

Dr Avinash Sawh is heard telling a staff member at his private practice not to hire black nurses in the now viral voice note.

The doctor, who owns and operates Sawh Medical Associates, seemed to be looking to hire a nurse when he is heard telling a staff member he would prefer to hire an Indian nurse.

Sawh is heard instructing his assistant to ensure that all job applicants submit a photo.

Sawh allegedly said while he is “not racial” black nurses are not good for business.

“Yea Arielle, me and Allison talking here and a lot of patients racial so we prefer an Indian nurse, a lot of people don’t like – I not racial- I just saying a lot of people don’t want Negro nurses dealing with them, right. So, I just have to do what is best for my business, is a vibes I just get as I tell you so. Just tell all them applicants to send a photo ID,” Sawh is heard saying in the voice recording.

“Like Tracey Charles, I don’t know if Charles is Negro or Indian, but most likely she is Negro or mixed but I want to know so, tell Tracey Charles to send a photo ID, call she and tell she please,” added Sawh.

The voice notes have sparked widespread outrage including condemnation by the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association.

“An unfortunate event has been brought to the attention of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (T&TMA) regarding the alleged use of discriminatory language by a member of the fraternity. We wish to, in the strongest manner possible, condemn all forms of discrimination,” said the association.

The association further noted that it supports any investigations into the matter.

Trinidad and Tobago often experiences racial friction between its two main ethnic/racial groups which make up the bulk of the population.