Tu-Loxx says Mr Vegas is an exaggerated version of L.A. Lewis

Twin of Twins artiste Tu-Loxx has compared dancehall singjay Mr Vegas to entertainer L.A. Lewis.


This was said during his latest My Tu-Sense Podclass episode where he responded to various accusations made by Vegas several days ago.

It all started when Tu-Loxx made a video regarding dancer Silent Ravers being caught in a salacious video with transwoman Little Kev. The artiste made it known that while he has no interest in anyone’s sexual preference, there was no way Ravers’ argument of being a heterosexual who made a “mistake” could be feasible since he showed Little Kev his derrière.

He also addressed Vegas’ stance that the dancer was set up, saying that theartiste ought to have been the last person to defend the dancer as his name has been muddled with homosexual accusations throughout his career. He, however, said he was not labelling Vegas a homosexual, and said he understood that his peer was taking a mature approach to the saga.

Vegas caught wind of the video and reacted by labelling Tu-Loxx a dunce clout-chaser whose interest in the Ravers drama suggests some “shakiness”.

Enter Tu-Loxx’s L.A. Lewis comparison. 

“Show me one part a di video, di video public, weh mi disrespect yuh, where mi call yuh fish?” he asked. “But cause yuh overly-sensitive like condom yuh just go pon a rant without even having any kind of facts. And when yuh start yuh rant fi show yuh seh yuh never do no research, yuh no intellectual or intelligent none a tall. You is just a exaggerated version of L.A. Lewis.”

He also defended his intelligence by mentioning Twin of Twins being recruited for a lecture series by a Harvard University professor in 2006.

“When Harvard know yuh name it coming like yuh get a Grammy… Who know yuh a UWI Mr Vegas?”

He ended by telling viewers that he won’t be responding to Vegas’ rebuttal.