Tufton drops lyrics on Shenseea? Minister says politicians are full of them

It was all smiles on Thursday (April 28) during an Instagram live broadcast dubbed ‘COVID-19 Chat’ which saw the Minister of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton team up with popular music producer Romeich Major to raise awareness about the novel coronavirus.

While the live primarily focused on providing information to the public about the virus, with the Minister even using the occasion to answer user submitted questions, things took on a lighter tone when the dancehall princess, Shenseea, made an appearance.

Though Shenseea was not advertised to take part in the IG discussions, she made a brief appearance on the live to say hello to the minister, who was elated to see the artiste.

“I can only follow you online because Romeich hiding you or … all is well,” asked Tufton with a wide-grin, as Shenseea briefly appeared in the camera frame.

Shenseea responds to the minister noting that she was in fact well and, returns the question inquiring about Tufton’s well being.

“I am good man, I am working hard and I follow you online and all them things, right,” Tufton responds.

“Sounds like a lyrics you a lyrics me,yah now ” responds Shenseea who also smiles broadly.

“No, can I tell you, I am a politician so we have lyrics, we are politicians but what I will say, you are very talented,” added Tufton.

Laughing nervously, Romeich interrupted the lively banter between the two, noting he didn’t want anyone to screen record the live and take things out of context.

Shenseea previously worked with the Ministry of Health and Wellness for a COVID-19 public health campaign.