TV star calls out Kim Kardashian’s “bullsh*t expectation of women”

There’s hardly a day that goes by when a Kardashian-Jenner isn’t making the news. Whether it’s their ever-expanding brood, relationship drama or yet another money move, their lives are fodder for the fire.

The Good Place Star Jameela Jamil

In the latest edition of trying to keep up with the Kardashians, television star and host Jameela Jamil has eviscerated Kim K’s “bullsh*t expectation of women”. It all started when Kardashian posted a photo clad in a nude, body-hugging corset that sent had fans double tapping faster than most can backspace that strongly worded response to a client.

Jamil, who has addressed the family’s perpetuation of unreal beauty standards before, said more than a thousand direct messages were sent to her asking that she address the photo.

In response, Jamil said, “The reason I didn’t jump on it immediately isn’t because I don’t think the post was damaging and disappointing. I do.
It’s because the fact that you’re all messaging me about it, shows my work is done.

“I haven’t been trying to cancel Kim K. I was always trying to arm YOU with the knowledge to recognize for YOURSELVES that this is a bullshit expectation of women, developed by the patriarchy.”

She continued, “If YOU know that it’s problematic, reductive and irresponsible for her to perpetuate such a heavily impossible beauty standard to her impressionable fans… then you’re empowered and conscious and don’t need me.”

The Good Place actress ended with a piece of advice, “unfollow the people who tell you things that hurt your self esteem”.