Twani and Prince Pine team-up for ‘Long Distance’ single

Dancehall artiste Twani Price recently teamed up with social media personality Prince Pine for a new single which has been creating quite a buzz online.

Dancehall artiste Twani Price

The single, Long Distance, was released on Heroes’ weekend and sees the two budding artistes deal with the issue of long distance relationships.

While social distancing is the buzzword these days in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Twani Price said there are still plenty of people engaged in long distance relationships. 

“When you have a relationship with someone far away like in another country or parish, the time you get to spend together is even more special so you should make that time count, that’s what we were depicting in the video as well,” said Price. 

Social media personality Prince Pine

“A whole lot of people are gravitating to the new song because they can relate to the challenges of a long distance relationship especially if you don’t get to spend time in person often,” added Price.

According to Price’s management, there is a fan competition for the single which is expected to be launched soon. 

This isn’t the first time Twani and Prince Pine have collaborated; in 2017 they joined forces on a freestyle called Same Girl and again in 2018 for Ben Ova, which has more than three million views on YouTube. 

The video for Long Distance can be viewed on Twani’s Vevo channel.