Twitter had the BEST reactions to Adele’s ‘yaadie fit’

‘Ello? Ah me! Yuh nuh see yuh fone a ring, bredda?😡👀 (Photo: Instagram @Adele)

British pop star Adele triggered mixed reactions for Twitter users on Sunday (August 30), after an image, initially intended to commemorate what would have been the 54th staging of the colourful Notting Hill Carnival, went viral across the internet.

Adele, who turned many virtual heads on social media, donned a highly ‘Jamaican-esque’ outfit, complemented by Bantu knots, leggings and extravagant carnival feathers—which elicited accusations of cultural appropriation.

Several of the savage Twitterati immediately took issue with the 32-year-old only associating carnival with Jamaica, when there are many countries within the Caribbean that celebrate the event in their own, unique way.

Others outright slammed the Hello songstress for hopping on the black culture ‘bandwagon’, while the rest just trolled the outfit mercilessly.

Troll level: 12

Troll level: hffggdss

Troll level: God tier

There were those who seemed rather pleased with Adele’s outfit, calling on the Grammy Award-winning singer to go even further and immerse herself within Jamaican music and culture.

The image seemed to take on a new life of its own, as Adele triggered a spirited debate across the Twittersphere. Black Americans and Caribbean users, for the most part, were at odds with the musician’s ensemble.

So much conversation swirled around the sultry musician that ‘Adele’ and ‘Jamaicans’ have been worldwide trending topics on Twitter.

But what do you think, BUZZ fam? Are you loving Adele’s carnival costume or do you give them a hard pass?