Twitter launches ‘Fleets’

It is finally here BUZZ Fam, Twitter has launched ‘Fleets’. That’s a new feature that will allow you to post tweets that disappear after 24 hours.

It’s similar to the feature that’s on  Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp’s new ‘disappearing messages’.

Fleets from accounts a person follows will appear along the top of their timeline, much like Stories along the top of Instagram’s landing page. 

And guess what? Fleets cannot be retweeted or receive public responses, but instead must be interacted with through Direct Messages. But you can only reply if you and the person follow each other or the account holder has their Direct Messages set to open. 

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So go ahead and say what you what’s on your mind without the pressure of strangers judging you.

The feature was successfully trialled in Brazil and other countries this year.

To share a Fleet, users need to tap the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of a tweet that they have typed out as normal, and then tap, ‘Share in Fleet’.

Just as with a normal tweet, users can choose to post photos, videos and reactions to tweets with the tweet attached, as well as text. 

Users can also choose to share someone else’s tweet as a Fleet, complete with their own newly-created caption, by clicking on the upload symbol at the bottom right.  

Plans are already in motion to add stickers and live broadcasting to Fleets, which will be updated over time with other new features, Twitter said.