Twitter learns names of Elephant Man’s children and melts down

First of all, Mr Bryan, WHY? Secondly, how could you?

Jamaican celebrities and dancehall entertainers celebrated Father’s Day with much fanfare on Sunday (June 21), showering their paternal predecessors with love, respect and kindness.

The same could be said for Elephant Man, who spent the day frolicking with his children at home.

The topic somewhat diverted from the self-proclaimed ‘Energy God’  to his children, or rather their names.

The very creative (read highly unusual) monikers used by Elephant Man, born Oneil Bryan, triggered a meltdown on Twitter as Jamaican users had mixed emotions to the names.

According to readily available info, Elephant Man named his daughters: Oneifa, Olivia, Omeka, Haley, Eli Two and Elepus Bryan.

His sons were not excluded from the mind-bending creativity as they were named: Oneil, Omar, Onesham, Orane and Eli One Bryan.

“I just want to remind everyone about Elephant Man pickney dem name,” @tajnalee tweeted, sending Jamaican Twitter down a rabbit hole of disbelief.

To say some of the names are shocking is a massive understatement, BUZZ fam and the Twittersphere has been inconsolable.

So much so, that several of the young Bryans have become trending topics, as the platform’s users failed to process the names.

Some have outright questioned the role of his many baby mothers in the naming of their children and I have to say, I’m a little concerned myself.

“Eli one….Eli two…Elepus…a cyar inna garage him a name,” a Jamaican man tweeted.

“Yuh can see di exact moment him run outta name…” another woman said.

How are we feeling about these names from Elephant Man, BUZZ fam?