Twitter removes tweets that promote fake news about coronavirus

Any tweet that promotes conspiracy theories, misleading or dangerous advice and other harmful ideas relating to coronavirus, will be automatically removed from Twitter.

Additionally, tweets that deny ‘established scientific facts’ and expert guidance regarding the virus will be marked as harmful and removed, the giant social media site said.

The company is also automatically deleting tweets that try to promote third parties, manipulate people into a certain behaviour, or incite panic.

Parody accounts of respected authorities that suggest quarantine periods are over or suggest potentially dangerous treatments to cure COVID-19 will also be removed.

Twitter has millions of active users and said it is increasing its use of machine learning to take action against ‘abusive and manipulative’ posts. 

The site said content that could place people at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 would contravene its safety rules.

This also includes claims that specific groups are more susceptible to contracting the virus, such as ‘people with dark skin are immune to COVID-19 due to melanin production’. 

“We will enforce this in close coordination with trusted partners, including public health authorities and governments, and continue to use and consult with information from those sources when reviewing content,” the social network said.