Twitter users are ‘exposing actual villains’ in popular movies, TV shows

The Twitterati is reading our movie and TV villains for filth, BUZZ fam!

Villains, within the sphere of television and film, are as essential as the protagonists they battle, but sometimes the ‘truth’ stares us in the face without us realising.

If it’s one thing TV and movie fans love, that’s a good plot twist, and this week hundreds of Twitter users are ‘exposing the actual villains’ in the latest viral trend taking the social media platform by storm.

Hear me out and let me be real with you, BUZZ fam…

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Looking at these opinions objectively, there is a lot of merit to these arguments, even if the creators deny or only hint on the possibility of these so-called good guys, exploiting our predisposition to believe their narrative while they ‘masquerade’ shamelessly, silently as the ‘true villains’.

Acknowledging that these are personal opinions, here are some of the strongest perspectives on our fave TV shows and movies:

Killmonger vs Azzuri

A ‘Krabby’ paradox

*screams in I KNEW IT!*


HTGAW Plot Armour

‘Posing’ TRUTH!!

*squints judgingly*


Misogyny rearing its ugly head

Irresponsibility, a two-part tweet



*seethes in Season 8 trauma*

*The views of this tweet do not reflect my agnostic status or do I seek to impose on my Xtian readers, but…*

Hakuna idontbelievehtis

Well, BUZZ fam? Is there sufficient weight for us to trust these hot takes or are Twitter users just peddling their agendas?