Twitter users are gender-swapping our fave celebrities…and it’s something

Yes, BUZZ fam, you read that right.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrities would look like if they were a man/woman?

Well, the trend doing just that isn’t new and had its birth in 2018, however, it has re-emerged on Twitter this week and the results are disturbing/arousing/perplexing (or all of the above?).

No more exposition, here are some of the wildest transformations circulating in the Twittersphere:


I give you, Robinson Fenty. Photo: Twitter @bambihanna


Breyon Say Knowles has a nice ring, wouldn’t you say BUZZ fam? (Photo: Twitter @bambihanna)

Nicki Minaj

Nicholas Maraj got caught off guard by the paparazzi. Lawsuit! (Photo: Twitter @bambihanna)


If Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Evans had a baby with vocal range… (Photo: Twitter @EyesLikeShak)


Aubrey who? Please address Audrey correctly, pls n thnx! (Photo: Twitter @EyesLikeShak)

Taylor Swift

Excuse me, Mr Swift? I’d like several words, because this is criminally goodt! (Photo: Twitter @EyesLikeShak)


Imma need you to stop looking at me like that, Shakira or should I say, Shak🙈 (Photo: Twitter @EyesLikeShak)

The remakes are still ongoing but which one impressed you the most BUZZ fam?