Twitter’s viral #VogueChallenge is a buffet of beauty and creativity

Just LOOK at these amazing takes, BUZZ fam! Mesmerising…

There’s a new challenge taking over the world of social media, which sees persons recreating a fresh edition of the coveted front page of Vogue Magazine.

The #VogueChallenge, which started on TikTok last week, has found new life on Twitter

From Africa and the Middle East to Asia and Europe, literally everyone is showing off their artistic style, photogenic looks and stunning imagery, BUZZ fam.

It’s not just people either, cats, horses, birds and dogs are getting some of the Vogue spotlight!

The challenge is ongoing, but here are some of our favourite picks. Feast your eyes:

‘Did I do it right?’, the man who slayed asks…

🗣Get this man an agent, STAT!

*shudders photogenically*

Step on up!

Never too late, King


Artsy and playful

Melanated excellence!!🙌🏿🙌🏾🙌🏽

Themed and edgy…we LOVE to see it!

So. many. Yesses🥴😎

Artists, step forward and claim your space


I- *pauses in thought*

Under the veil stands a QUEEN

Hijab +Melanin = YASSS

Loyalty and tranquility🥺😌

‘The Black Awakening’

Well BUZZ fam? How are we feeling about these Vogue-inspired images?